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Information regarding our use of Chromium (VI) and REACH

Current (2017-07-12) information concerning the continued use of Chromium(VI) trioxide within REACH is available in this PDF.


The addition of Chromium(VI) in passivation solutions for stainless steel is exclusively used to heighten the reactivity. The passivation process encourages formation of a natural oxide layer on the stainless steel, which consist of a protective layer of Chromium(III)-oxide. The finished steel surfaces therefore do not contain any Chromium(VI).

For the chromating of aluminium and aluminium alloys we can offer Chromium(VI)-free alternatives upon request.

Hard chrome plating

Our hard chrome processes are based on an electrolyte containing Chromium(VI). During the process, however, a layer of elementary Chromium Cr is deposited on the parts. Absolutely no Chromium(VI) is contained in the finished surface.