About Us

The firm Rudolf Erichs Hartchrom was founded 2nd May 1955 by Mr. Rudolf Ernst Erichs. Since then, hard chrome plating of small and individual components is a main process done in the workshop. The professional circumstances of the founder, who was a trained tool maker, enabled an early and beneficial collaboration with Hamburg’s metal processing industry.

Since its foundation, the firm has always been based in Hamburg. On the 1st June 1972, the firm was registered in the trading register with the number 70932 and under the name Rudolf Erichs Hartchrom. By establishing the firm as a general partnership on the 22nd September 1981, the son of the founder, Mr. Holger Heinrich Erichs, entered the firm as an associate.

After the firm’s founder passed away in 1983, Mr. Holger Heinrich Erichs is the sole owner of the firm.

Through continuous adaptations of the processing means to the high requirements of the customers, a constant extension of knowledge on the one hand and machinery and equipment on the other hand was guaranteed. Since 1982 the firm works exclusively wastewater discharge free by utilising ion exchange systems. In 1989, there was a changeover from a manual-labor oriented workshop to an industrially oriented firm.

In 1991 a first internal quality assurance was established. By compiling a QA handbook, the preconditions were set to meet the QA-requirements of big industry and contracting authorities.

With the fiscal year change 1990/1991, the firm was renamed to ERICHS HARTCHROM GmbH in which Mr. Holger Heinrich Erichs senior became CEO.

Between July 1997 and August 2006 Mr. Holger Erichs junior worked in the firm as a trained galvanizer and metal grinder / master craftsman. In May 2007 he founded his own firm in Salzgitter:
ERICHS HARTCHROM SALZGITTER, 38228 Salzgitter, John F. Kennedy Str. 48

Over the years, the ERICHS HARTCHROM GMBH has established itself as a supplier for the aerospace industry (QSPL/Airbus).

After a successful certification to DIN EN ISO 9001 in June 2012, the ERICHS HARTCHROM GmbH was finally certified according to EN 9100 in May 2015. With this step, an aerospace-oriented QM system was successfully established and approved.